Split up Kustomize Output with yq


Kustomize is an incredibly powerful tool for integrating existing Kubernetes manifests in your own cluster. You can write a configuration file in YAML that references the manifest you want to install. That manifest can include local files as well as remote repositories.

apiVersion: kustomize.config.k8s.io/v1beta1
kind: Kustomization

- deployment.yaml
- github.com/kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api/config/crd/experimental?ref=v0.6.2

This configuration will pull in the local deployment.yaml as well as the CustomResourceDefinitions that are hosted in the Gateway API repository.

When you run kustomize build the combined YAML to configure your cluster will be sent to stdout. This can be piped into a .yaml file if you would like to examine or save the configuration.

However, Kustomize will only output the config as a single YAML file with multiple “documents” concatenated together. If you want to split this output across multiple files, the yq command line utility provides a handy way of doing just that.

kustomize build | yq --split-exp '.metadata.name + ".yaml"' --no-doc

Here, we pipe the output of kustomize build to yq. Passing the --split-exp flag tells yq to split the input into separate documents. It takes an argument that uses the yq expression language (which is the same as jq) to name the files based on the value in the YAML document’s metadata.name field. The --no-doc flag simply omits the --- used to separate YAML documents from the output.